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The story how Wizard 666 found his pet!

Link to Wizard 666

Well it all started one day in his village.
He wasn't always a legendary wizard.
He used to be a poor commoner begging for milk on the streets...
then he got some milk.. from this nice old lady.. who had a very funny hat...
hmmmm maybe she was wizard too?

Well anyway.. when he got his milk he was so happy and about to drink it all up to himself.

but then he heard a weird sound behind him.. kind of like a pig but cuter
so he turned around and there was this weird little creature.

and the little creature looked hungry.
He offered the creature his milk since he coudn't stand to see the little guy hungry.
The hippo bunny then smiled at him and gestured to follow him..
...he hopped along and led him to a cave...
...the Cat was now a bit concerned... maybe the little fat hippo bunny was tricking him?
But he said whatever, i have nothing to lose anyway!
So he went into the cave with the hippo bunny
And the hippo bunny led him to the back of the cave where there was a purple crystal..
the hippo bunny looked at it longingly but coudn't reach it.
He was too fat to hop that high.
So the Cat easily climbed up and low and behold not only was it a purple crystal but
an entire Legendary Wizard outfit!
...everything he ever dreamed of.
He thankfully came down in his new Legendary Wizard Outfit and offered the
purple crystal to the fat little hippo.
The fat little hippo took a very small nibble and became very happy and snuggly to the cat.
He's been following him around ever since...

...the end!


Gavin, [01.08.18 00:33] (Found on Telegram-Group:

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